Happy Sweet 16 to Me! An Endless Stream of Miracles.

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September 20th, 2016
Hey everyone!

Today marks 16 months since the day I entered the MTC on May 20, 2016. Sister Lacno, my new and wonderful companion wanted to celebrate with me, so she bought me a cake! I love her. Sister Lacno is a Filipina, so in other words, she's crazy... But in the best way! I swear we are always laughing. I can tell our time together is going to be a blast!

{the cake from Sister Lacno!}
So on Saturday, we were sitting in our car writing down our odometer, and this guy rode by on his bicycle. I waved at him, and much to my surprise, he waved back! He pulled up next to our car, and sister Lacno and I were freaking out, because we thought he was going to kill or something! But good news! He didn't. Instead, he asked about the church, and the next day HE ACTUALLY CAME TO CHURCH! (His name is Scott, by the way.) And then we taught him Sunday night, and he came to FHE the next day! We are planning on committing him to baptism soon. He is super solid.

It's always funny to see how when we're working hard in one way, the Lord blesses us in other ways that we weren't expecting. Because sister Lacno and I have been tracting and talking to people on the street like crazy- even pulling over on the side of the road just to talk to someone about the gospel, and then he blessed us by sending us Scott!

Crazy things are happening! I wish the time would slow downI'm trying so hard to give these last couple of months everything I've got! Love you all!

Sister Robinson


September 27th, 2016

The work here is amazing! We saw a lot of miracles this week. I know I say that every week, but they never stop coming!! I love it! The Lord has prepared so many of His children for the gospel!! 

For example, a few weeks ago, we were trying by a list of potential investigators, and one of them was listed as house #8 but on a different street than the one we were on. However, I felt a really strong prompting to knock on house #8 on the street we were on instead! So we did! A really nice African lady answered the door and told us she was busy but that we could come back another time. For the next week, I kept thinking about her and telling myself we would knock on her door again soon.. But we weren't in that area for a while. However, as soon as we were in that area again, we knocked on their door, but this time someone else answered! He told us his name was Abraham and he and his mother-in-law invited us in right away. It was such a good lesson! We talked about the love of God and asked about his religious background. He told us, "One day, I would really like to join your church." Seriously golden. At the end of the lesson, we invited him to say a closing prayer, and he prayed in the exact same way we do!! Sister Lacno and I were amazed.

{my new companion, Sister Lacno!}

So a few days went by, and Sister Lacno and I were in their neighborhood again. We called a member that Abraham said he knew named Brother Coward. After mentioning Abraham's name, he said, "ABRAHAM? From Peace River?!" We exclaimed, "Yes! That's the one!" And then he said (get this), "I baptized him eight years ago!!" We were shocked!! No. Way. He proceeded to tell us how amazing Abraham is, and how he had been praying for him and trying to help him come back to church, but he has such a crazy work schedule that it hadn't worked out. Crazy, right? He also said, "You need to teach and baptize his family! They will do amazing things in the church." So after getting off the phone with him, we knocked on their door and this time, Abraham's wife, Deborah was home! She invited us in, and we taught her the restoration. The spirit was so. Strong. She kept saying, "I really hope Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I really do." So we invited her to read the Book of Mormon, pray to know if it is true, and come to church. I am so excited to see what happens with their family!! I really think they are all going to join the church and get sealed in the temple one day.

I love finding God's children that He has prepared for the gospel! They are all around us!! Oh and as crazy as this sounds, I am actually developing a love for TRACTING! I know. We just keep experiencing miracles from it. :) This truly is the Lord's work!!

Mahal kita!!

Sister Robinson