Life is Too Good To Be True!!

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Wow. All I can say is WOW! This week was so amazing!! 

Okay so miracle number one. Are you ready? This one is pretty crazy. So last Wednesday at 7:30am, Sister Priestley and I were heading to the city for a worldwide missionary broadcast. We were running a little late, but we thought we might as well top off the gas tank; however, the pump wasn't working, so we just decided to leave and fill up when we get to the city. So there we were... Driving down the highway, singing along to the church hymns playing in the car, when suddenly... I see a car in the oncoming traffic turn off the road.. and then flip off the road... and flip and roll... right into the ditch!! After the initial shock and freak out that Sister Priestley and I had, we pulled over, called 911, and ran to see if anyone was alive in the car, (Not even kidding. We thought we were going to find a dead person.) all the while praying to Heavenly Father, "Please help these people to be okay!" It was absolutely crazy. 

So we got to the car, and saw that it was laying on the driver`s side, and there was a woman inside struggling to push the door open. She was yelling "Help me out! Please! Help me out!" Sister Priestley ran to help her lift the heavy door while I was trying to gather my thoughts so I could explain to the police where we were and what had just happened. I noticed a huge chunk of fur in the bumper and came to the conclusion that this woman, whose name we now know is Theresa had, in fact, hit a deer. However, she had absolutely no bumps or bruises. All was well! We took her to our car and I continued to give the police whatever information they asked me for. Not long after that, another car pulled up and came to see if everyone was okay. Turns out she and Theresa are really good friends! She jumped in the car and offered to stay with Theresa until the police arrived, because we were in a hurry to get to the city.... Aaaaand off we went! Crazy right?! 

Now get this: The next day we called Theresa to make sure she was okay. She was SO happy we called, and said, "You're the sisters from the Mormon church, aren't you?! When people asked who rescued me, I just told them it was two ladies wearing name tags!" We then realized that in the chaos of everything the day before, we had failed to even introduce ourselves to her. "You ladies are my guardian angels!! Thank you so much!" She was so sweet! :) Then she proceeded to tell us that her mom had joined the church a few years ago, and she knew quite a few members of our branch. We were ecstatic! We chatted for a little while longer with her and then she said "We will definitely have to meet up again sometime soon!" 

The Lord really does work in mysterious ways! It was crazy how we were in exactly the right place at the right time. If we hadn't been running a little late and if we had decided to fill up our tank with gas, we would not have been able to meet this amazing woman and possibly teach her about the gospel! I am so excited to see where this all goes. Stay tuned :)

Also, we got a new bomb golden investigator!! He has been so prepared for the gospel. This guy in our ward named Shane has been friends with him for a long time, and he told him all about the church and our beliefs and what we stand for, so he decided to come :) I could tell right off the bat that he wasn`t a member, because he was wearing jeans and he`s a little louder than most of the members. It was really cool though. So after Sunday school I went up and introduced Sister Priestley and I and he basically told us that he has been led to the church his whole life, because he has always had member friends, and he`s really eager to learn more. So then Sunday after church, some members invited us over for lunch at their place, and Tyson (the goldy golden investigator) was invited as well! It was really awesome. This guy is hilarious! He goes like 200 mph. I`m really excited though. Yesterday we taught him in our branch president`s home with a few members there. We hardly got to what we were planning on teaching, because he was just talking and talking away. #missionlyfe but we showed him a really powerful Mormon message and it made him cry! This is going to be good :) We also taught him on Wednesday, and it was the most powerful lesson I have ever been in. The spirit was so strong. Tyson told us that he had already prayed to know if the church is true, and he feels like he received an answer confirming the truth to him. Funny how that works, right? ;) 

Oh and another highlight from this week was the missionary broadcast that we were heading to when Theresa rolled off the road. It was awesome! Oh and in case anyone was wondering, we somehow got there like 20 minutes early! Don`t ask me how. We thought we were going to be like 20 minutes late. Anyways, I learned a ton about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion! It was really awesome. I came to the realization that on my own, I can`t do anything! And how true is that? Our role as missionaries is to be worthy conduits so that the Holy Ghost can be brought unto the hearts of those we teach. After that, the choice is theirs. They can decide whether or not they want to let it into their hearts, because they still have their agency. Overall, it was really eye opening. Whenever we have meetings like that, my head is so full and I always end up with a headache after it`s all over. I turned to Sister Priestley and said "So much spirit! So little brain!" She got a kick out of that one, and now we say it all the time. :) Good times.

ANOTHER MIRACLE! Yes, there`s more! Jen is getting baptized on February 6th! Jen is Judy`s daughter and she has been meeting with missionaries for about 3 years now. However, she is terrible at making and keeping any commitments ever. BUT! We have been teaching her fairly consistently, and she finally accepted a baptismal date. This is the first time she has done this EVER. So it`s a pretty big deal! I`m stoked. I asked her how she thinks it is going to bless her life when she is baptized, and she said "Honestly, I can`t think of any way that it won`t bless my life." I was so happy to hear her say that. The spirit has definitely been working with her lately, and she`s finally ready to take the first step toward her salvation! Yay!

Joe is also getting baptized, and that one is coming up real quick. It is this Saturday! Now, let me remind you: Joe is John`s son, and he used to be the biggest punk of all time, but he has totally transformed into a different person now that the gospel is in his life. Lisa, his mom, was telling us that she and John were asking Joe why he wants to be baptized, and he said, "I just want to be a Mormon." So she said, "You want to be a Mormon? List four reasons why you want to be a Mormon." To which he replied, "Only four?" and he went on to tell her how happy he is and how much better life is for him now that he has purpose and direction from the gospel. Lisa has been so helpful, and has really helped her family to incorporate the gospel into their lives. I am so grateful for her!! 

Overall, everything is going so well for Sister Priestley and I! My testimony has been strengthened so much as we have been directed by the hand of the Lord to those who have been prepared to receive the gospel. I love being a missionary! This is a great work that we are apart of. Thank you for all of your love and support and PRAYERS. I know that I would not be able to do what I have done without all of the prayers from back home! 

You guys are amazing. Sorry this email is so long. :) Congrats to those of you who made it all the way to the end. You`re my true friends. 

Have a great week!!

Sister Robinson