I'm Alive!!!

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First two letters from Sista Robinson!

Hey mom!
So my LDS account isn't working for some reason, but they are letting me email you from my regular account. You can use dearelder.com to send me letters every day if you'd like. I am loving the MTC! It's a lot of fun. Sister Arnold is my companion!! She's the one from APA. It's so fun to have a familiar face around here. In our district there are two other sisters and four elders. We're like a family. It's cool. Yesterday we were in our classroom studying almost all day, and it was so cool. The spirit was so strong there. I feel like my testimony has tripled since I've been at the MTC. But I don't have a whole lot of time to talk right now, so I'll just email you more and send you pictures on Tuesday. I love you!! I hope you're doing really well. Tell Samantha I love her and everyone else too :)

Sent later that day:

I am just sharing a room with the three girls in my district, and they're all super fun! We're like best friends. Especially sister Arnold and I. The other companionship is way cool too. One of them went to SUU (red hair), but I never saw her on campus, and the other is from California (blondish hair). The spirit is SO STRONG here!! I can't even describe it to you. Oh and the elders in my district are adorable. There's four of them. One of the companionships we sorta know as the "cool guys" and the other ones are nerds. hahaha. It's cute though. They're like our brothers. They open our doors and take our trays in the cafeteria and they're just sweethearts. Especially this morning. I sorta had a breakdown when I wasn't able to log on to my account, and they were all so sweet about it. So they're the reason why I'm writing you right now. They really made an effort to get this to happen. They're the best. So at the MTC we basically just study and learn and teach all day every day. Right now we have these fake investigators who are just actors, but it's cool, because they never break character. So we met him yesterday, and just got to know him and then we made an appointment to teach him on Saturday. It's crazy how the spirit works through you at the MTC. I don't even get nervous to teach our investigator. It's so nice. Oh! Sister Arnold and I are the Sister training leaders, which is just like a zone leader, so that's cool. Anyways, my time is up :( but I love you!! Stay safe! Read your scriptures ;) hehehe. I'll have more time to write you on Tuesday. Also, get on dearelder.com!! I can letters every day if you want to send them to meeeee :))))
k byeeeee
Sista Robinson