Exchanges, Service, & Slurpees

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I'm doing great! Transfers were last Wednesday, but since Sister Hatch is training me we're stuck together for another transfer ;) Training takes 12 weeks. It has been suuuper hot! I hate it! I have a tan line on my wrist from my watch and on my feet from my shoes. It's the worst. Haha! But we got 60 SPF sunscreen, so don't worry about us. Did I tell you that no one up here has A/C!! It's awful! Some days there is literally no escape from the heat. We just drown in our own sweat. No biggie. It's just nasty.

{we may or may not have picked these cherries off a stranger's tree...}

Alright, so my week was really great! Last Tuesday, we went to West Edmonton Mall! It was so fun! Definitely would have been way more fun if I wasn't a missionary, because all we could do was look at all the people having fun and imagine... Hah oh well. We went with a member in our ward and we played mini golf and just looked around mostly. We also taught Thomas and Hawa again! They're doing so good! We taught them the Plan of Salvation and (just like last time) they already know it's true and understand it really well. He just needs to get Sundays off! That's literally the only thing holding them back. We're teaching them again tonight, and we're bringing a member that they know from the ward, so that should be good. I love teaching them though! It always goes really smoothly, and they ask all the right questions.

We did a lot of service this week! On wednesday and thursday we volunteered at the aboriginal games, which is basically a mini-olympics for the natives. Sister Hatch and I kept score of the volley ball games. It was intense! I accidentally gave the wrong team a point and everyone started yelling at me before I even realized what I'd done! I wanted to crawl into a cave and hide... Those people take volley ball very seriously. It was terrifying. Then on Saturday, we helped a member move some boxes out of her basement and into her garage while the elders in our ward did some yard work for her. It was fun! I like doing service. It's crazy how much we were able to teach this week even with that big chunk taken out because of service! Blessings!

{Sister Kunz, Sister Rush, & me!}

Man oh man this week was good. I have so many stories for you. Let's see.. We had an awesome lesson with Alyssa and Lance! I was pretty stressed about it beforehand, because our last lesson with them wasn't the best. But we made our main focus The Book of Mormon, because they weren't reading it. So we talked about how important it is, and how if you read it and pray about it you will gain a testimony of its truth by the power of the holy ghost. Super cool. Alyssa was very inspired. They also told us that they have been praying! That's a HUGE step, because they didn't even know if they believed in God. So yay!! We need to invite them to be baptized... I'm pretty nervous about that one. Not sure why exactly. Things are just different with Alyssa and Lance than any of our other investigators.

So I'm not sure if I told you about Darlene yet... But she is a woman who the YSA sisters met at a Canada Day parade! However, she's no longer a young single adult, so they had to give her up to us. But we were so excited! She's awesome! She is pretty religious already. She's a moonie. You've probably never heard of it. It's a new religion, but she told us that she loves what our church stands for, and she is super excited to read the Book of Mormon! We have taught her twice already. I love her. She's also from Boston, so she has a cute little accent. When she says Lord it comes out as "Lawd" instead. Anyways, our lesson with her yesterday was really interesting. You could really see the spirit working on her as we taught, because she would ask a lot of questions and we could tell that she was really thinking about the things we shared with her. She's awesome though. I always feel the spirit really strong when we're at her house. It directs everything Sister Hatch and I say.

{Sister Rush and me!}

So this week, sister hatch and I went on exchanges! I actually stayed in our area and Sister Rush, one of the sister training leaders joined me. The highlight was going to see Fred and Betty. They're this older married couple and they don't exactly know that they're investigators, but they totally are. Every time we go to see them, we slip in a short lesson. It's fun! It's like we're secret agents. But this last one was the best, because Sister Rush is a brave, brave soul! We talked with them for a while, and then Fred ended up having to leave. So it was just us and Betty. We ended up talking about how God is our loving heavenly father, and not a god of vengeance. She asked us questions about how we have seen God's hand in our lives, and she shared some experiences with us as well. It was really special, and she really opened up to us. Sister Rush was gutsy and pulled out the Book of Mormon and shared some scriptures from that as well! She's awesome.

{on exchanges with Sister Rush! Slurpees are so much better in Canada!}

We have another new investigator named Cherril! It was awesome. While sister Hatch was on exchanges with Sister Kunz, they were teaching at a less active member's home. Her name is Patricia. Towards the end of the lesson, Patricia asked if they were allowed to teach people in Clareview (our area)! Sister Hatch was like "Clareview? That's my area!" So Patricia gave Sister Hatch her friend Cherril's info, and we stopped by her house on Sunday. She's very sweet and told us we could come back on Monday. So we did! Basically, Patricia is taking care of Cherril, because she is in a wheelchair and can't do much on her own. So Patricia actually came at the end of our lesson. It was awesome! She told us she's been looking for a church, and Patricia spoke very highly of ours. It's perfect! We taught her the restoration and committed her to read and pray about the book of mormon! Yay! 

It was funny how many times this week we were in the right place at the right time! Even though busing around is a pain in the butt, it's super awesome, because we are able to find a lot of people to teach! So yesterday, Sister Hatch and I bussed over to a less active's home to teach her a short lesson, but she wasn't there! We were pretty bummed out, and decided to bus back home and eat lunch. As we were getting off the bus at the station, this woman stopped us and said "Hey sisters!" We were a little confused, because this rarely happens, but we said "hi" and asked if she was a member! She said she is, but she hasn't been able to get work off on Sundays, so it's been pretty hard for her lately. She also told us she is the only member in her family, and that makes it pretty difficult as well. Anyways, she said she wants us to help her to get back into the groove of things, so we are going to start teaching her now! Yay! On that same day, we were sitting at the station, and this little British girl asked us if we knew when her bus was coming. We told her, and she continued to talk to us and then asked us if we were Mormons. She told us her roommate used to learn from missionaries so she knew a little bit about our church, and she was still interested in learning more! We got her info and we're planning on teaching her this weekend! Woot woot! It was crazy. 
{Sister Robinson & Sister Kunz}
So many good things happened this week! Clareview is an awesome area. Although there are plenty of very interesting people, there are so many who want to learn! I love it. Teaching the gospel is an amazing thing. There's nothing else like it. I'm so happy!

Well I love you!! I'm happy to hear that you're having a good ol' summer! Oh, can you send me a banana bread recipe? We have some over ripe bananas! 
Sister Robinson