Holy Guacamole!

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Oh my dearest mother, Carolyn,

Holy guacamole!! That package was huge!! Sister Hatch and I are so so so grateful!! We're going to be able to be able to go the whole transfer and only have to buy milk, cheese, fruits and veggies! Also, Sister Hatch now is a cookie butter addict. Just like the rest of us ;) But seriously. All the soups, trader joes foods, prego sauce, cookies, mamba's, zipfizz, granola bars, popcorn ahh!! You guys have really outdone yourselves this time! I wuv you and I am so so so thankful!! The Montgomery's came to our ward on Sunday and we transferred the boxes from their car to ours. It was weird to see faces from home, but I was really happy to see them! I felt kind of bad that I couldn't talk to them for too long, because we had Lance come to church and one of the less actives that we've been working with as well. So I only was able to talk to them for a little while, since we were preoccupied with that. But make sure you tell them thank you X10000! 

{our dorky fourth of july picture}

Anyways, we had a pretty good week! I am trying to remember all of it... Well we had Canada Day on Wednesday! Which is super lame compared to the fourth of July in the states... Or American day, as the Canadians say. Haha. But sister Hatch and I walked around all day and were able to hand out two book of mormons to some very nice people! We made them promise they would call us after they read it.. One of them was a little too happy that we gave him our number... Awkward! We asked him if he'd ever seen missionaries before, and he said "None as good looking as you." Ahh... But that was the only weird thing! He said he believes in Jesus Christ, so that's a pretty good start! 
Oh! Last Tuesday, we stopped by some former investigator's houses and we now have two more investigators! Their names are Thomas and Hawa. They're a very nice and welcoming couple from Sierra Leone, Africa. They have family in England who are members of the church, and they have been meeting with missionaries for well over a year now! They have a very strong desire to continue learning, and they want us to come teach them every Tuesday. So today is our first lesson! Wish us luck!!

So Sister Hatch and I were able to see a lot of progress in Alyssa and Lance this week! We taught them the third lesson, which goes over faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. Afterwards, Alyssa voiced her concerns about prayer to us and we were able to help her to gain a better understanding and desire to pray to know if the things we have taught them are true. Alyssa gets really into the lessons and asks us sincere questions. The holy ghost is always there helping us out when we teach them. The lessons never ever go how we plan them to with Alyssa and Lance, so we've learned that we have to get in the right mindset beforehand. Sister Hatch and I always listen to hymns in the car to get us in the mood when we drive to their house. It prepares us with the spirit and helps us to know how to respond when they ask us tough or unexpected questions. Lance came with us to church on Sunday! He only stayed for sacrament meeting, but he said he'd come back next week and stay for the full three hours! I hope Alyssa comes too!! 

There's this lady in our ward who is trying to stop smoking, so we've been praying for her and she now is super committed and ready to quit! Yay!! And then yesterday, Sister Hatch and I were at the bus station and there was a lady sitting in a wheel chair who called to us. She said "Sisters!!" She was so happy to see us! And basically told us she wants answers to a lot of questions, and she knows that we will be able to give them to her. So we gave her a Book of Mormon, got her contact info, and that's that! She's super awesome! 

Oh! Another miracle- Emmanuel told us he knows this church is the true church, and he basically wants to be baptized, but he's afraid to leave his other church. Yay! It's a step! We just need to help him to see that the Lord is cheering him on, and he will see more blessings than he can possibly imagine if he makes that sacrifice and takes that leap of faith.

Ahh it sounds like you had so much fun for the fourth!! We didn't do anything nearly as exciting, but Sister Hatch and I called the other sisters in our district, Sister Bahtishi and Trujillo and we all went out to lunch to celebrate the fourth. That's what the picture of me holding that giant chocolate crepe was from! Oh man. That thing was good. We all ordered different things and shared. It was heavenly. 

{the giant chocolate crepe!}

But I just want to thank you for being an amazing example to me. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be out here serving a mission. I hope I can raise my kids as well as you when I'm a mom in the (distant) future ;) It really is a scary thought to bring people into this crazy world of confusion and deception! I hope that I can show my children, just like you showed me, what will bring them that true, lasting joy. The gospel is the only thing that will bring that joy! That's so awesome you were able to talk to Stewart and Savanna about the church's view on gay marriage. Sister Hatch and I have been talking about it a lot as well. We just need to keep our eye on the prize, and remember what Heavenly Father has planned for us is worth way more than anything on this earth! 
I love you! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! They really do help! Sister Hatch told me that this is the first area she's ever been in where she's seen so many miracles. I told her it's because of all the people still praying for us back home. ;) It's crazy how many tender mercies and miracles we have seen! I love you! Oh, I already said that ;))

Sister Robinson