Fried Oreos & More

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Sister Hatch and I discovered something amazing and deadly this week. Fried. Oreos. All you do is dip the oreos in pancake batter, and fry them in hot oil. Your tastebuds will love you for this, but your body may not... Anyways, I'll be back to email in about an hour. Sister Hatch and I are going to do some grocery shopping really fast. XOXOXO!!

{you can tell by her face how yummy they really are!}

Now for the updates! My week was good! I'm trying to remember what happened. It's very hard to remember sometimes. Well I guess I'll tell you about someone we've been meeting with! She was on our list of former investigators, so we went to knock on her door! We were super excited when she immediately let us in and had us sit down. She seemed pretty normal. Very talkative, but a lot of people are. It seems like everyone thinks we want to hear their whole life story whenever we get talking to them. Anyways, after about five minutes of getting to know her, she said "I'd like to get baptized into your church!" We were like "Uhhh... Come again...?" So cool! We were so stoked! But something seemed a little off about her... She would randomly bring up strange topics and ask really interesting questions like: "Do you think God is an alien?" "What do you look for in a man?" "Do you believe in arranged marriages?" She thinks that she had lives before this one, and that's why she can read ancient hieroglyphics, she wanted to set us up with her 50 year old friend who just got a hip replacement, she told us that dark spirits take the form of fire and smoke, and the list goes on...We've met with her three times already, but it's very difficult to teach her, because she always brings up these super random topics. So we'll see! It feels like it's just going downhill. We had no idea how crazy she was when we first met her! Also, she got kicked out of Pakistan for something... Just from the bits and pieces we've picked up. She talks so fast! Oh and I should mention, she is a white Polish 30 something year old, born Catholic, married to a Pakistan Muslim man, has a child in Pakistan, and she's awesome! But on the bright side, we are seeing a change in her! She used to say recited prayers, and we taught her how to pray from the heart. So she's been praying a lot, she says she'll come to church, and she wants us to continue to teach her!

We taught Emmanuel again on Saturday! Super awkward, because we were going to teach him at Brother Karimu's home again, but there was some miscommunication and he wasn't home. So we ended up teaching Emmanuel on a bench in front of the mall! It actually went really well though! We taught him about the restoration, and he just knew it was true! He never doubts anything we say. But the spirit was so strong! Oh and he loves the book of mormon! He only read the introduction, but he studied that one page really really hard! He found a lot of connections to the bible, and he told us that he's never learned so much truth. He always thanks us like a thousand times for teaching him and for serving our missions, and he makes us feel so good!! We just love him. But there is a downside.. We have to give him up the the YSA elders, because he's 27 :( So this week, we're doing a pass over lesson with the elders and Sister Hatch and I are so heart broken!! :( He's gonna get baptized though. He didn't officially say it, but he KNOWS it's true. And he is such a spiritual guy! He reads his scriptures and prays every single day, and he was talking to us about the holy ghost and how he likes to make sure it's always with him. He's just so great. I love teaching him, even though his accent is so hard to understand.
But I love you!! There will be more updates to come for sure! BTW, since we have ipads, we can check our email whenever we have wifi, so feel free to email me every day ;) I can only reply on p days though. Okay I love youuu!!