Love & Learning

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My week was good! It was super hard, but I learned so much. I don't even know where to begin! So Tuesday was Pday. We went to the temple, and it was so relaxing! We all sat in the celestial room as a district for like 2 hours. Later that day, we played a bunch of games outside as a district. We played ninja for a really long time and some weird animal sound game, haha. I don't know what it was called, but it was fun! Super nice to have a day where we didn't need to worry about teaching someone. That night, Elder Holland came and spoke to the MTC! It was amazing! When that man walked into the room, you could literally feel the spirit flood into the room! But he basically spoke to my soul, and it was super inspiring. 

Wednesday was interesting... We started teaching a new investigator named Jaimie, and she was difficult to say the least. Her lesson was so bad. But the elders in our district gave us a pep talk and helped us not to beat ourselves up over it. So sister arnold and I learned from it and we got back on track after much disappointment! Later that night, we met the new district in our zone and did a little devotional, got to know them, and gave them a tour. They're so cute and excited about the MTC! It was fun to be their sister training leader this week. 

{Sister Robinson & Sister Arnold}

But Thursday was good! Relatively stress-free. We had what is called "in-field orientation," where they tried to help us out with street contacting, and getting referrals from members in the ward. The highlight of Thursday was playing volleyball- district A vs district B. We dominated. Just sayin. I also tripped on the ball and fell smack on my butt. Hahah. 

On friday, we extended a baptismal invitation to Gustavo again and he accepted!! SO COOL. Sister Arnold and I are working pretty well together! Also, the difficult investigator, Jaimie ended up being alright as well. We really connected with her on Friday and Saturday :) It was a relief after our lesson on Wednesday. But what made my week the most amazing was my freaking district. They're the bomb diggity. Each one of them. They all make fun of me non-stop, and we all treat each other like we're siblings. Especially the elders, but they're like my brothers. Our branch president told us he's never seen a district that has as much love as ours. We really are just one big happy family. I'm so sad that only one of the elders is coming to Edmonton! The other three left for New Hampshire last night. :( So sad. We had an emotional night last night to say the least. We all wrote each other letters and exchanged those last night, and then we told each other how much we love each other and it was just super tender! I didn't know I could love 7 people this much in just a matter of days! I'm happy that I'll be able to see the sisters and Elder Alvey in Edmonton though. Maybe we could all meet up for pday if we're living remotely close to each other. Doubt it, but it's a nice thought! Oh but I have been loving receiving the dearelders!! They make my day so much brighter! It's so great to be able to hear from everyone on days other than pday. I love you guyssss!