Oh, Canada: Part II

2:27 PM Samantha Warstler 0 Comments

Man, Canaduhhh! Yeeup. I'm here apparently! You hanging in there? I hope so! We've almost got one month down! ;) You'll be alright!

My companion is Sister Hatch and I like her a lot! We've become super close already! We are both brand new to our area, so we're sorta figuring it out together! It's tough for sure, but we see miracles every day!

Yesterday, after a lot of walking, we decided to visit a cute little old lady in the ward. She was so happy when she saw us walking up to her door! she was like "well this is a nice surprise!" so cute! She had us sit down with her in the front room, and proceeded to tell us about all of her grandchildren and her husband who passed away a while ago. She was so sweet though! She just kept talking and talking. It was almost impossible to get her to stop! She showed us all sorts of pictures and trinkets, and it was just the cutest thing. But we wanted to leave by 8:40 so we could get home by 9, but we were there well passed that! She just wouldn't stop talking! So finally 9:50 we were able to say we had to leave and she was nice enough to drive us home so we wouldn't have to walk 3 miles to the bus. So that was nice :) She wants to take us out to lunch next wednesday. it should be fun! But yeah, you'd think oh man, 9:50? it must have been dark outside! How'd you lose track of time? Well... The sun sets at like 11 here. So we didn't realize how late it was until about 9 and then she just kept talking and talking. Anyways, I'm rambling.

It's so weird going to the ward out here! So much diversity! it's really cool though. This man from africa taught our sunday school lesson, and he put so much spirit into it! Good ol' africans. But I love the ward! The members are all super nice. We've been fed dinner quite a bit, and we're basically booked with dinners for the next month. Oh I tried a canadian food that is really really good! They're called perogies. Super yummy! Also, ketchup fries are pretty interesting! I like them though :)

So uhh.. the stereotypes are lies!! Canadians are not nice! People in cedar are nice! I've never felt so stared at and glared at in my whole life. It's crazy how much people can hate an organization that they know nothing about! Don't get me wrong though, they're not all mean people! But the nice ones are like overly nice and it's super funny. The accents are great too. Turns out people really do say "eh?" a lot!

But yeah I'm doing good! Sister Hatch and I laugh off all the hate, and it's nice to have her and the Lord to lean on :) We've been having the most success with less active members, but we are trying to get some investigators. Trying hard!! I'll let you know how this week goes. I love you!!

Sista Robinson