Full of Miracles

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Man, I am doing great! Sister Hatch and I have finally found direction and we're now figuring out the area like champs. But this week was full of miracles! Every single day we saw miracles. Well for starters, we got our ipads!! Woot woot. And they gave us a new phone too! So things are looking up over here.
{This is a gorgeous street with really big trees that Sister Hatch and I fell in love with}

Anyways, my week was great! We got three new investigators and four or five less actives who want to meet with us about weekly now! Wahoo the work is moving forward! The less actives are mostly single mothers who want to get back into the church so that their kids can have that solid foundation. It's awesome, because they're all so motivated, and we made one of them cry when we showed her a mormon message called "oh remember, remember." 

It was so cool though, because when she first invited us in she was super distant and uninterested, but as we got her talking she started to open up, and we showed her that video and she was like "yeah, I really want to get back on track. Can we schedule a time to meet weekly so I can be retaught the lessons? And we offered to help her out with FHE as well and she was super excited about that.

We want to try to help her find a baby sitter too if we can. It was super embarrassing, because I was thinking we were still in the Utah bubble, and I was thinking we could get the bishop's daughter to go over and watch this lady's kids, because I watched strangers' kids all the time when I was younger! So I called and asked sister Coombs, the bishop's wife, and when she said no I was devastated! But then I was like "Duh. People don't just do that here." So I felt really dumb for thinking this woman would be okay with dropping off her sixteen year old daughter in a stranger's house on the other side of town! But we'll work on finding someone and see how it goes! So yeah, that's one of the less actives we are going to be meeting with. Her name is Sister Lalonde. She's great :) Supa excited!

ALSO, we got 3 new investigators this week!! T-H-R-E-E! That's right. Three! So awesome!! Each one of them is so golden. The first two are named Alyssa and Lance, and they're a cute married couple with a cute little boy who have been searching for answers to a lot of questions for a really long time.  They were taking discussions from the missionaries back in 2012. Their names were on a list of former investigators, so we went and knocked on their door last Tuesday and Lance answered the door with his cute little boy named Kai! Rather than the usual "No, sorry." or "Not interested, bye." or a lovely stare through the glass and then the sound of them locking the door, they said they were interested! We were like whaaaaat?! Yes. Awesome. That is the first time that has happened, and we have been knocking on a lot of former investigator's doors! Woot woot!! We were so excited. 

So their lesson was on Saturday and it was crazy cool. We basically talked to them about all sorts of things and they had a ton of questions, but they're super interested! We taught them, and really just got to know them. They are amazing people. They've been through so many hard times in their lives, but they came out of each one smiling. And they have these incredible views about life! They believe in God without a doubt, and they have been researching different religions for the past three years. They're actually meeting with Jehova's Witnesses as well, but they like us better. (hehe yay) But we had this super cool discussion with them for over two hours, and they have amazing beliefs about our purpose here on Earth and Heavenly Father, and they have all of these things they believe in that are totally the center of our gospel! For example, Alyssa was talking about the law of attraction, ever heard of it? And she was saying how she believes in it wholeheartedly, and we were like that's faith! The law of attraction, which is something so many people live by is essentially having faith and an eternal perspective. So that was awesome. We talked to them a lot about the plan of salvation, and after we would teach them a principle, Lance would say something like "Oh for sure. I believe that!" It was like YESS!! So great. They were like "hopefully we don't scare you guys away, and we can continue to meet weekly!" Yay! That was awesome. They're all around amazing people, who really just need the gospel in their lives.

Our other investigator is Emanuel. He's the one who we met at church who went up and bore his testimony on fast Sunday. We taught him this last Sunday in Brother Karimu's home, because Brother Karimu was the friend who brought him to church. It was interesting... Haha. We couldn't understand half of what he was saying, and when we thought we could understand it, it was super off topic. 

Anyways, we taught him about the Plan of Salvation, even though we had originally planned to do the restoration. The Plan of Salvation worked way better. Okay. That was the hardest lesson ever! It was so confusing, because his accent is so hard to understand. HOWEVER, the spirit was so strong and even though we were super confused, he totally soaked it all up! And when I invited him to pray about it he said, "I know it's true already. I don't have to pray to know this is true, because I can feel it right here." and he pointed to his heart. We were so stoked! He was feeling the spirit super strong and he said he knows that what we taught him is true! Yay! We even extended a baptismal invitation, he said he doesn't want to make the commitment yet, he said he would like to continue to learn more, and then he will most likely be baptized! Woot woot. Yass :) It was hard, because he said he was already baptized, so we had to explain the importance of priesthood authority, which we thought went way over his head... but he got it! Brother Karimu, his friend, was a lot of help too. He explained things really well and it was so cool to see how the spirit changed Emanuel. We left his house so confused. We were like "what just happened...?" Because we seriously sucked. We didn't know what the heck he was saying, and it felt so scattered, but the spirit totally testified to him! I love the spirit! It's always on your side :) Oh and before we left, I gave him a Book of Mormon, and told him he could start reading it and we would discuss it next week and he was so happy and thankful! he was like "for me to keep?" And he kept saying "thank you, thank you, thank you." Love it.

So yeah! We got iPads! They're so awesome! We use them to share Mormon Messages, read conference talks or other church magazines, and sort through the ward list! It's super helpful, and makes it so I can carry around my little purse and I don't get a sore shoulder by the end of the week! Haha. They also came with these way nice cases, so don't worry about my butter fingers! These things are unbreakable.

{Sister Hatch & Sister Robinson with their new iPads}
The members in our ward are awesome! We only go about once a week without being fed. We ate with a family (The Hatch's) last week who totally reminds me of our family! They have five kids around the same ages, and one boy! They acted a lot like us too, and it made me miss you guys a lot! But I'm also super grateful, because there are a lot of families out here with all sorts of issues. I sure am blessed to have the family that I do! But we stayed there way too long, because there was a tornado warning, and it was super crazy and stormy outside! It's funny, because since we share our car, the elders get it for the first half of the week, and we get it for the second half. But whenever we have it, it's super rainy outside, and whenever we have to walk and ride buses it's way nice weather. The poor elders always get caught in the rain!

There's this other family in the ward, the Smith's, who fed us on Sunday and they actually picked us up from our apartment so we didn't have to walk or take the bus. But they're awesome as well! They had their grandpa staying at the house, and he told us all about his life and he's so cute and old. After dinner, he gave sister hatch and me $25 each!! He was the cutest old man! After dinner, they were kind enough to drive us to our next appointment, and then yesterday we were sitting at a bus stop, and we hear this car honk at us and it was the Smith's again! They were like "Hop in! We'll give you a ride!!" So they drove us all the way across town to our next appointment and saved us like 45 minutes of bus and walking time! They're so great! So sister Hatch and I are going to make cookies for them and a few other members and less actives today. People are so nice.

Well I love you!! I'm glad to hear the car is working and everything is going well for you guys! Speaking of cars... How's my car doing?? Ahh.. scary to think of Stewie driving it still. Also, Everyone looked so cute in all of those pictures! Love the selfies ;)