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Today I am writing to all of you lovely humans, who I classify as my bestest friends. If you receive this email, I hope you feel honored. Or honoured, as the Canadians like to say.

I am not sure what exactly I am going to say, so be prepared for what I like to call word vomit. Here we go:

Canada is snow white through and through, FINALLY! The weather here wasn't very Canadian for a long time. In fact, it was very similar to Utah weather for a really long time. The Canadians called it an "Indian summer." Look it up :) But I am totally A-OKAY with a mild winter! I haven't even had to buy a pair of super intense boots yet. The coldest it's been is like -24 degrees Celcius, which really isn't that bad compared to what I was expecting it to be like. HOWEVER, we still have a good 4 more months of winter, so BRING IT ON, CANADA!!

{Snow angels, naturally}
Okay now that we've got the small talk covered, and we're done talking about the weather, I'll get into the interesting stuff :) Well I hope it's interesting, anyway... Sorry if it's not. 

Hmm missions are hard work! You ever heard of a thing called a "lazy day?" Yeah, well those do NOT exist in the mission field. It is work, work, work all day, every day, and it is tough! Let me tell ya. The only way to catch a break is if your comp gets sick or something. However, I'm pretty sure poisoning my companion just to get a day off isn't the greatest idea... So I've decided to embrace the good times, and push through the bad and I have been working my butt off! And you know what's super cool? Heavenly Father helped us so much this week! It was seriously amazing. So many times where he reached out to us in love to help us do our job right.

For example, Sister Priestley and I have only gotten one new investigator this whole transfer, and we were really struggling to find new people to teach. Tracting isn't very effective, and no one gives us referrals, so all we can do to find people to teach is street contacting. Plus, everyone we're teaching is getting baptized! What are we supposed to do after that? ;) So on Saturday we decided that we would go on a walk and start a conversation with everyone we saw. Beforehand, we said a prayer and pleaded with the Lord to put those who He has prepared in our path. And off we went :) Walking, walking, walking.... "OH! There's a man shoveling his sidewalk! Toast it up!" [For those of you who don't know, toast stands for "talk on awkward situations together."] Not that this was the most awkward of situations- trust me. One time, I told a lady that I was baby hungry... Apparently Canadians don't use that term. Needless to say, she moved to a different seat on the bus... ANYWHO, (I get distracted so easily) we walked up to this man and waved to him. He gave us a very friendly "Hello! How are you ladies doing?" We were pleasantly surprised by this warm greeting, so we said "Great! Are you excited for Christmas?" Then, like wildfire, he told us his whole life story! [not the first time this has happened.] Apparently he has lost several family members during this time of year due to illness. :( Very sad, but we were able to talk to him about the true meaning of Christmas, and I think we really helped lift his spirits! Even gave him a passalong card ;) #asaviorisborn And he asked us to come back and talk to him some more! Now, if that's not an answered prayer, then I don't know what is. It was really cool to see that happen. Faith! Faith moves mountains! I don't have THAT much faith yet though... Maybe one day.

{Gold star if you can tell what's written in the snow!}
So our investigators are doing so good!! John is still golden, which is awesome, because sometimes so-called "golden" investigators fizzle out really really fast. But that is NOT happening with John!! It's awesome! He finished first Nephi, and is on to second Nephi now! Also, he has decided that he is getting baptized in the beginning of January. Either the 2nd or the 9th :) What a great way to start the New Year, am I right? :) So we taught him the plan of salvation this past week, and then the atonement yesterday. It was POWERFUL! He soaked it all up like a sponge, and said "it gives me hope to know that there is a real purpose for me in this life." It was awesome. Sister Priestley was all teary-eyed. S'cute. But isn't it true? The plan of salvation helps us to understand exactly what our purpose is! And it is to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, so we can return to live with our Father in Heaven some day :) I am excited for that day. 

Judy is doing great as well! She's so funny though, because she keeps flaking out on her baptismal dates! I guess I'm learning a lesson of patience with her. We really need to help her to see that baptism is just the FIRST STEP, and you do not need to know everything to be baptized! She's getting there, and we're trying not to be too pushy, but it sure is tricky! Sometimes I just want to throw her in the trunk of our car, drive to the church, and dunk her myself... However, I would probably get in all sorts of trouble if I did that, right? Yeah. Not the best idea. But she is ready!! She is like a member of the church already! She gets it, she is just so nervous! So this week I am going to be praying extra hard to know how to help her realize that she is ready to be baptized. I am out of ideas. Heavenly Father obviously knows. He knows everything.

Anyways, I believe those are the highlights! I hope you all know how much I love and miss you! I want all of your addresses so I can send you Christmas cards! If you would be so kind to give those to me, that would be wonderful :) 

Random Canadian fun facts: 

1. The sun goes down around 4:30 nowadays. It is so weird! 
2. They call sleds toboggans. Kinda cute, eh? ;)
3. Canadians have a lot of pride in their bitter cold winters, so they've been taking a beating with this mild winter they've been having this year.
4. Poutine is so yummy. Also, it may give me a heart attack. What's poutine? Well for those of you who don't know, it's this amazing creation that is native to Canada.... I think. But it is French fries drenched in gravy with cheese curds on top. YUM.
5. All of the stop lights are horizontal, rather than vertical.
6. They call Kilometers Klicks. Weird, right? Hahaha.

Well have a good week! I love you all :) Merry Christmas!!

Sista Robinson


Aren't you so excited for Friday?! Oh my gosh I CANNOT wait!! It is going to be so amazing to be able to see you and talk to you face to face! There's nothing else I want for Christmas. "All I want for Christmas is YOUUUUUU!"

{Sister Priestley is from Preston, Idaho. She is the second oldest of five, just like me! But she has one older sister and THREE younger brothers. She's awesome. She's been on her mission for 4 months now.}
I am doing alright!! I've had a touch of homesickness this week, but I am getting through it. I just hope I don't bawl my eyes out when we Skype Christmas day. :)) Ahh... We'll see.


I have to go :( We are going ice fishing and having a weiner roast today! It's gonna be a lot of fun, and I will send a lot of pictures :) I love you very very very very very much, and I will see you on FRIDAY!!!


{some Canadian scenery for you all}
Merry Christmas, everyone!

As we speak, Sister Priestley and I are on a mini road trip with some
members in our ward to go ice fishing for the day!
They wanted to give
us a fun Pday before Christmas.
It should be a really good time. :)
we're going to have a fire going and we'll roast some smokies for
lunch too!

Looking out the window, I can actually see some itty bitty mountains
in the distance!
This is bliss. :) I haven't seen mountains in such a
long time! But today we are heading out to "the bush," as Canadians
like to call it. Also known as the middle of nowhere. Lots of trees.
Lots of animals. Really pretty. :) So I figured since I've got some
time, I'd type up an email to all of y'all! So happy we have iPads.
(Sorry all you missionaries without them. You're missing out!)

{Finally relaxing}

This week was full of ups and downs! Not gonna lie, being away from
home for the holidays can be really hard at times.
I'm so stoked to
Skype on Christmas Day though!

{Sister Mckeon from exchanges! She's a doll. Love her! We had a blast!}
So we got to go on exchanges this week! It was a blast. I went to the
city with Sister Mckeon, and she is so much fun! It was exactly what I
She and I could talk and talk and talk all day long if we
could. You know how sometimes you meet a person and you just click?
That's what it was like with Sister Mckeon! We are the same person. I
love it.

We also had a big Christmas Conference with half of the mission this
week, and I got to see Sister Neal!! She is doing a good job taking
care of Clareview for me.
Hawa, Thomas's wife is actually getting
baptized soon!
The Sunday after I left, she went to church and then
they asked her if she would like to be baptized and she said "Yes! I
know this is true, and I want to be baptized!"
It was such great news!
I'm so proud of Sister Neal. I love my daughter.

{Getting to see Sister Neal!}
Let's see... What else happened this week? Oh! We met a couple uh how
do I put this... Jerks. We met a couple jerks this week! Yeeup.
The first one is staying with his mom for the
holidays, so we see him a lot.  Three times last week. Every time he
sees us he says something like "oh look it's the cult members!" And
then proceeds to ask us crazy questions about our beliefs, and they're
all absolutely ridiculous. Like I guess the "Book of Mormon" play
talks about how if we have 6 kids then we get a planet...? Okay, that
is NOT TRUE. Crazies. Haha. And that's just one of the many things he
talked to us about.

The other guy we met is just as bad. 
 Fun stuff! However, we actually taught him the
restoration! He kept asking us "why" questions like, "why are there so
many religions?" "Why do you think your church is the only true
church?" "Why do you try to convert everyone you meet?"
So I was like
"well... You really want to know why?" And so we taught him the
restoration! And you know what is interesting? We were teaching this
lesson, and he was trying to argue with everything that we taught him,

and I was just thinking to myself. "I know this is true. Nothing he
says is going to change that."
I am so happy that I have solidified my
. At the beginning of my mission, it would really shake me up
when we would meet anti-Mormons,
and I would have to go over
everything we talked about in my mind so I could come to terms with
everything that they threw at us. But now it just doesn't affect me
like that anymore! It was cool to be able to leave
feeling just as confident, if not more confident, that this is the
true church and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
  Anyone who
wants to know if the church is true can gain that witness for
themselves if they have a true desire to know.
All you have to do is
read and pray!

{Ice fishing!}
In other news, John is getting baptized January 2nd! I am beyond
excited for him! He is an amazing human being, and it is a wonderful
blessing to be able to teach him
. This week, we taught him about the
gospel of Jesus Christ, which is all about faith, repentance, baptism,
the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.
Teaching him that lesson was
really interesting, because he already knew everything! We would be
teaching a principle, and he would add on to what we were saying and
he was agreeing with everything!
At one point I even asked him "did
you read this pamphlet before we came over?"
He said, "No! I just know
this stuff already."
It was uber cool :)

I have a few more stories, but I still need to write some of you back
personally! But the jist of it all is this: the church is true! I know
it's true. I love teaching this gospel. The Lord blesses us when we
are obedient.
And I love you all!! I hope you have a very merry
Christmas, and remember the reason for the season ;) how blessed are
we to have a holiday to celebrate the birth of our Savior?! #soblessed
(Sister Neal, that one was for you!)

Okay I love you all! And family, I will see you on Friday! :) have a
great week!!


Sista Robinson